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​104 Beta Drive, Franklin, TN 37064, PH/Fax 615-791-0006
​104 Beta Drive, Franklin, TN 37064, PH/Fax 615-791-0006
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Vacuum-form and fabrication example.
Part required forming, 
line bending and glueing.

Aircraft instrument gauge
cluster housing.
Kydex material used to meet
 FAA requirements.
Large to small domes.
Can be formed using clear acrylic and polycarbonate and also many other thermoformable materials.
Used as musuem piece protection,
light fixture enclosures and
many other uses.
Computer screen bezel.
Touch screen application.
Required very close tolerances.
Liners used for furniture applications, 
drip pans,paint masks and many other applications.
OEM equipment cover
for large printing machine.
Multi part assembly
requiring close tolerances to
achieve form, fit, and function.
Formed using
general purpose ABS.
Christmas ornaments
formed using high impact polystyrene.
Large part, approximately
48" X 60" X 20" deep.
OEM equipment cover.
Formed using coextruded
acrylic, abs, pvc.
Material chosen for the flame rating
and quality appearance.
Packaging example
Items such as candy, nuts and bolts,
and misc. consumer items.
Often considered as thin gauge forming
typically utilizing .005 -  .030
raw material thickneses.

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