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​104 Beta Drive, Franklin, TN 37064, PH/Fax 615-791-0006
​104 Beta Drive, Franklin, TN 37064, PH/Fax 615-791-0006
About Us
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Valley Mfg. Co., INC. is family-owned and operated. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. We focus on serving our customers in ways larger companies find impractical.

Valley Mfg. Co., Inc is a quality and service oriented custom thermoformer and fabricator of plastic materials. In business since 1984 and centrally located in middle Tennessee just 20 miles south of Nashville in Franklin. We serve a number of markets such as: Agricultural, Electronics, Furniture, Industrial, Medical, OEM, POP Displays, and Sports Equipment. 

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About Valley Mfg. Co., INC.
Our Capabilities include:
• Three forming areas that are capable of forming up to 48” x 96” X 18” deep.
• Mold Design and Engineering.
• In-house tooling.
• Alluminum temperature controlled tooling capabilities
along with epoxy or machined wood tooling.
• Development for prototyping and test marketing.
• Low, medium and high production. 
• Warehousing available.
• Experience with all thermoplastics including ABS, acrylics, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyethylenes, polypropylenes and engineered plastics.
• CNC capablilities
• Die cutting

Parts Commonly Thermoformed

Decorative Panels
Custom Cases
In-House Packaging
Returnable Packaging
Electronic Enclosures
Protective Shrouds

Advantages to Thermoforming

Impact resistance
Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance
Textured surfaces
Molded-In color
Reduced weight
Flexible strength
Lower tooling costs
Timely design changes